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Scapular CRErn us. Under this title Dr. Galvagni describes Me

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general statement on so few examinations as had been made.

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and injected twenty minims of the filtrate hypoder

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tissues of the body in their several degrees become painful

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days before the Heligoland Treaty was signed on July

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sufficiently strong to give him a creosotic taste to the mouth.

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Mr. Hbhs difpures againft my opinion of fluidity he very much miflakes

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the inflammation is purely local and spreads through Stenson s duct to the

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relief follow the administration of the following combination of remedies in

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joint the pain when present is referred to the mid

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and endocarditis but the occurrence of dyspnosa with more or less

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ings. The earliest stage of invasion by the disease was demonstrated

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not uniformly present in this disorder nor is their

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irreducible intestine had been reached. This was a sort of

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in the case of old persons a fatal termination is not tuncommon. The

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quinine sulphate has been suggested but it can hardly be effectual unless the

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discarded. Fie particularly states that the introduc

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it is the rule. He observed that strong antiseptic solutions acted on

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bath for the part. At the same time a solution of bromine and

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and after persevering for nearly two hours we abandoned all

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a case of this condition due to aneurysm of the internal

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and that the increase since has been alarmingly rapid. This is not

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June th. Temperature since the day of admission has

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action of the muscles of respiration through the general stimulation induced

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Basham was owed the establishment of this as a clinical fact. In the

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will doubtless be found in other parts of the Archipelago.

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inatiTe E. covering the pleuro peritoneal amp vice in

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patient. It is in some cases combined with dilatation and

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confinement to bed in a modified light and the otlier usual anti

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versal it is but natural to assume that quinine here

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nourishment. This animal seems endued with the power of Te



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