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left Cairo at the commencement of December and proceeded

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hydrogen is decreased and metaUic sodium can be extracted

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nucleic acid a sufficiency of intracellular calcium

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One of the highlights is the social meeting held at the

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far greater amount of movement therefore the patient at

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have no reason to plume ourselves. Seeing that Galen reminds us that

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and the horizontal distance between the posterior edge of the desk

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of either the lymphatics or the blood vessels. Unna stands alone in

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feces the greater is the effect. There is no discomfort

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the prolongation of Bertin s columns. They exist only in the central parts

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tion where there are no discharging lesions from which the spherical

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wound was closed and the patient in bed in less than fifty

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Medical Care Panels Emergency Participation of Cah

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of cardiac dilatation which his daily hard avocation

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ing such cases as occur in his practice for the benctit

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already present in this solution and these by their osmotic pressure

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light masses were round almost regularly one millemetre in dia

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The first column contains the actual totals of deaths of

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tography lithography and moulage. Research in prosthetics and the production

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medical and surgical literature abounds. For example a surgeon

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cannot agree with those who believe that in many of these

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of the asthenic advance by the employment of these measures.

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A long list of applications to the larynx from within including local

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by catarrhal or diphtherial pharvngo laryngitis irritation from scalds bums

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nroved status for Poor law medical officers enlarged powers of useful



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