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The state of the reflexes was not constant as a rule

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patient s case we observed that a degree of restlessness was pre

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in Sierra Leone and said that there was no doubt that till

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arm until the next day to avoid rubbing or irritating it

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leukoplakia. Again the exudate of thrush is not closely connected with

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are liable to escape notice unless hunted for. They

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stump of the appendix before the latter is invaginated and the

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ted partial inversion of the uterus which had been produced

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fellow in a low neighbourhood makes a good income out

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Falconer E. H. A report of the bacteriologic examination of enlarged

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serves this function throughout embryonic and adult

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ing in Edinburgh slightly abridged from the report as it appeared

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the corresponding parts the solitary and agminated glands of the

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exclusively to the Medical News willbefurnished without charge

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experiments with blood transfusions yielded results that are any more

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might more or less worthily occupy the attention of such

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with fit matings. Other somewhat similar family his

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are aliens and that the cost of their maintenance is

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is not present on the breath the amount of alcohol given must

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nature. The little patient not unusually progresses favourably

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tive such as jalap in which case its dose must be propor



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