'Oh Whistle, and I'll come to you' - McBryde art

What is the best ghost story of all time?

Well, now FantasyCon 2012 gives YOU a chance to vote for your favourite!

Just fill-out and submit the electronic form below. We will then tabulate all the votes and the winning short story will be announced during a panel starting at 11:00 pm in the Russell Room on the Saturday night. A carefully selected group of experts will discuss their own favourite ghost stories and what it is that makes a classic spooky tale, before the mighty RAMSEY CAMPBELL reads the winning entry with the most votes as the clock strikes the Witching Hour of midnight!

No novels or novellas please, just short stories. One vote per person, and you cannot nominate your own work (otherwise your choice will not be counted). This poll is open to EVERYONE – you do not have to be a member of the convention to vote. The more people who participate, the more representative the winner will be.

So don’t delay – vote today! Here is a unique opportunity to choose for YOUR favourite ghost story of all time!

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