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sufllation of Astringent Powders.. Remarks on two Cases of Syphi

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disease may be suspected. If however the jaundice be dependent on

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to act much more powerfully on the kidneys. Though we some

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half fainting and was carried into the house and put to

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Profnosls. The average case recovers from the first attack

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If it be casual stitching as for instance suddenly interrupting tlic

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rib in the line of the left nipple one fourth of an inch

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grains which made him sick. On admission to a hospital

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towel repeatedly cleanse the eye with a thread immerse

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form of rash followed in about one third of the cases in

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amorphous and amorphous. The diamond is the hardest

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An anodyne application for painful swellings ulcers and piles.

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One is the bacterial contamination of the thimble and its

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usually retains its connection with the tufts and the pla

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Often but especially in slight processes it takes place suddenly

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dominal operations. Anaesthesia given incision made on median

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Activities that involve repetitive use of large muscle

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to much difficulty in their diagnosis and the method

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the directors can hardly refrain from expressing the feelings

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clonus are really rellex phenomena. am not prepared to

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the Woman s Hospital of New York states that but one

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better conservancy and more hopefulness and cheerfulness on the

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gastro hysterotomy. Strong emotions occurring during or shortly

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in the second stage that of softening in five of these haemop

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A. Yes alcohol is a drug that causes insanity and cocaine

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petrous and malar bones zygoma orbital cavity etc. The bullet was seen

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tissues were infiltrated to a considerable extent with

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enough to check hemorrhage yet not so tightly as to

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use just as little force as possible so as not to weaken

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outside of an asylum for the insane may be possible for

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under an ailhma which ceafed on her being afflicled with pain

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intervals the nose was normally dry no pus was seen on examina

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cepting the hares. In the porcupine the levator is in

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degeneration or necrosis according to the nature of the

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cases representing occupations which involve especially



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