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■Suprarenal extract is, therefore, indicated in cases that require

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pancreas based on a vascular pedicle of the splenic vessels or

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and a second healthy child was born in due time. There is no

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cases affords no support to the hi,-pothesis which attributes the

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patient had disease of the knee-joint of twelve months' standing,

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ovariotomy in a family abundantly able to pay ; for this service he will

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covery of this element, its existence was traced in various com-

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various cases of primary muscular dystrophy, as well as in the typical

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aortic area systolic and diastolic murmur heard, harsher and more

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mentions in his own experience the occurrence of typhoid fever

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acrid discharge. In spite of various modes of treat-

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operations, which was the origin of the '■'■sheep and cattle

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the sole cause of the headaches. The eyes have been carefully cor-

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parently a digital bifurcation (14) (or ? syndactylia). Brittle nails have also

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ginia — Hon. Carter Glass, Lynchburg, Va. Standardization of the Surgeon. End Re-

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posing causes for gout, it is possible that alcohol may act injuriously by

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Cromwell's five doctors 57 advised him to return to London. Crom-



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