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lent matter the aspect of the chest made me doubt the cor
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localization of the disease followed by exposure of the
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coryza sore throat hoarseness tightness of chest soreness under
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regard to the apparent value of antipyrin. At present
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pursuit of the experimental methods of the laboratory.
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the passing of a worm or fragments of a worm is the only
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Aseptic Surgical Technique with Especial Reference to Gynsecological Operations
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tension and their condition coupled with the fact that inflammation was often
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from the plates and descriptions of M. Bourvier Physician
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taken three times daily in capsules also lessens the pelvic inflammation and
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The influence of food is not constant. After a meal the pressure
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tunity of investigating every phenomenon connected with
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mutations which transpire from imperfect developement of the
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The fluids examined may be arranged in the following
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cases in which the palpebral slit is excessively shortened and the conjunctiva very
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diagnosis owing to the effusion though Sir A. Cooper says it is
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that the composition is known and can be seen at the
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the right side of the chest. On admission there was an extensive
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been contributed by Blake Dench Jack Richardson Randall Wiede
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Braxton Hicks will always be remembered as one of the pioneers of
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work for the relapse may occur so suddenly as to embarrass
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Clinical lectures twice a weck by the Masters. Accom
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dilatation of the bile ducts has not yielded good i esults Avhercas the
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of this Province. During the dinner the Lieut. Governor
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character of the paper have diminished its bulk although
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more massive works and the recent literature of the subject and
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cisely an opposite character are indicated namely those designed to restore
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and with a brush place a dot of Indian ink over each
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centres and the other at the opposite the phenomena of the one
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reactions are not altered in facial hemiatrophy unless it be that the muscles



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