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list of remedies b«'aring som<! reputation in this line,

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From many different parts of the country come reports that some ice cream

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Mr. Holt, in his letter to me, dated October 31, mentions

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i'hey appear very early, and are therefore of diagnostic value,

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Rockwell, Jr., F. P. Batchelder, and F. L. Emerson. The

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To analyze these crystals, we take some of them, and burn them on a

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thrown into several folds, giving the appearance of coils of

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continued unchanged, except that he complained of increasing

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In reference to the two cases operated on by Mr. Erichsen,

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in it with the galvano-cautery needle. This had caused a con-

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operation ; that if it develops after the lapse of two or

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civil practice. If the patient is in ftdl vigor, and is not

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The consequence is that the men of hard common sense and of

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parenchymatous metamorphosis presented themselves. Sub-

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dure. I have maintained that where pos.sible the re-

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physician, knowing the danger of a continued inflammation or

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are better than morphia, which, while useful in some cases, tends to

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ing rooms in tenement-houses should have a capacity of at

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diffluent, and yielding on pressure a copious milky cancerous juice.

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of primary ovarian carcinomata have been found to occur between the

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In the first place, it is well known that children and

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and also from his predecessor, there was a considerable desire

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subjects. Manic depressive insanity, G. P. Grabfleld.

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nosis between cases of pneumonic meningitis in those in which the

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while wet, into the alcohol-ether mixture for fixa-

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fronts the title-page, or by one or more of those which follow.

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sympathetic are not represented. There is an excellent diagram

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trated by extravesical causes of frequency such as pelvic disorders in

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taneous. The cases requiring operation were delivered by high

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against a water tank, laying open the inner side of the ankle.

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facts. In three cases in which the pulsation was from 150 to 160,



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