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other organ. It may he given internally in doses of
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satisfactory enough when the smaller sizes were used.
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constituents of the blood which that gland should have removed as
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close an apparent immunity of the doctors and nurses. But the
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Dr Wood said the thanks of the Society were due to Dr
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discharged of foul odor. The general health is poor. The strength
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become so far altered that the typical greenish hue is reflected from
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groups of peritonitis. As streptococci are among the normal saprophytes
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appear though the reason for their failure to appear in the range of
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as sometimes happens in dogs injected with living pneumococci and second to
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constitute rather scientific curiosities than important realities.
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cold. Little is known of the pathology of this com
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Pepper Agaric. Woods July and August S. Carolina to
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organ and thus react upon the circulation. Valvular anomalies which
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perineum the cervix lacerated and somewhat enlarged
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treated by Dr. N. Bowditch Potter and Glandular Therapy
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principal work Doctrine Microhieime de la fievre jaune
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ment of gross parts but rather b constant substitutional
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attack unattended by tenderness but in the relapse accompanied
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occurred infectious material may escape from the fimbriated
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The sulpho carbolate of zinc is spoken highly of as a lotion
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alveoli filled with lymphoid cells of uniform size enclosed by
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internal proctotomy should be p gt erformed to facilitate dila
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sion of the bowels. I do not speak of that peritoneal
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individual as does starvation from lack of food. This
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medical aid to distinguish qualified from unqualified practi
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the two labellae all the other elements of the proboscis
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while the legs are shorter than in kindred tribes and very muscular.



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