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be removed everv thinl hour. In conjunction i this measure the
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cases representing occupations which involve especially
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graphical Society. In this letter Smith wrote about the
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alone in the Orient and it is easily prepared in large
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a water hammfer in the blood vessels below the compression cuff Er
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caused by the decrease in the volume of the uterus so that after
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antecedents permitted a directly traceable connexion between his
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are said to produce severe injuries crashing througl
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were made for three or four days in succession so that
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ing the thickened indurated and everted margin so charac
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mary infection is liable to have accompanying or super
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and pyloric stenosis he made an analysis of those cases in
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characteristic symptom of cancer. It is not however invariably ob
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of the chemicals at difTerent periods of vitality of the protoplasm
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and backward and then when horizontal draw it outward and having the
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in an aromatic water will here be found highly beneficial. Any
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formed to standard to the extent that all behaved exactly alike under
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position of a specific disease the etiological relations of
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Chief of Clinic Department of Dermatology and Syphilology
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in pelvic surgery. We have availed ourselves of Guthrie s sugges
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are portraits of twenty eight distinguished ophthalmic sur
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cervical after receiving a small filament from the fourth near its exit from
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vide useful service efficiently and economically with
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ance of a delicate physical organization not to mention the
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of irritation and of displacement which attend upon the
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methods for its elucidation. Until such methods were emphasized and
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occurrence of general symptoms of poisoning or the presence of



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