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detachment of the retina either of which almost always led to permanently

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to adopt this form of medicine. I can say with confidence from

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cent and. per cent respectively occurred in females. More

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selves whether or not any receptacles were on hand at those

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the mortality of operations for hyperthyroidism was now

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of change in the point of view concerning a number of com

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vacant lots etc. were neglected to such an extent by the Street

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Stephenson President of the Medical Society presided. The

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these capsules were absent except in one instance. He holds that the

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deflected the complement or not in a reactivation experiment

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nesday and the observation of the same extended till

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re election of Dr. Loeb as secretary was a merited complimented to his

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nervous palpitation in the narrow acceptation of the term which we

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at the temperature of melting ice the necessary silk

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tion of medicaments in preference to dro ping solu

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mouth cannot be at once closed. This accident generally

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The ulcerated area is almost entirely covered by skin only two small places

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the joint and with a courage that did him credit ampu

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Dr. Dexys said that he used human bacilli e.xclusively

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priety of this step need not be discussed here as this

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stomach etc. are more important than during recovery from most other

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The heart especially the right side was gorged with blood.

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tolerated by the weakest persons. Gazette des Hospitaux.

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miliary gummata may result these undergo contraction diminishing

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at the tip of the uvula as you will watch Dr. Jones our

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periosteum. A catheter was introduced tlie urethra put in its

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acute wards they are not allowed the use of their clothes though

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attention which has been given to a class of skin infec



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