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teen vears of serotherapy but per cent required surgical

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The peculiar jerky movements in the hind limbs during pro

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the gland tubules. We have however never seen these muscle

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It is not necessarily fatal. One may often get good

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M. prodlglo sus Racilltu prodigiomu. Rlood raim ap

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other trials have made me very diffident of the experiments delivered by

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nasal septum without injuries to vital structures hut this could never be taken

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epithelium. The nature of this form of jaundice is not well understood.

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In cachectic states such as chronic tuberculosis extreme anaemia etc. there

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believed by many to be finally ret at rest and Styrian arsenic

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calm consideration.until the morrow when it should be reported

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gradual return to participation in social enjoyments.

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tween the cell groups which in the nucleus of the hypoglossus give

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little for we are brought into contact with a proto.

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It is to the efifect that any immigrant who has be

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was followed by a marked decline in the prevalence of the fever the

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they cannot consistently be classified as ascomycetes. It appears

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It acts powerfully both locally and constitutionally.

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the spring and summer is the result of the breeding period which

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state thn subject is pasfsive to a greater or less extent.

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Whereas As by personal inspection by the writer it has

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moval is obviously called for together with that of pos

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ness might become infected and cause their owners great finan

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been given a too conspicuous place as a causative agent. It

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of microorganisms in the mineral waters of Vichy. The

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abdominal organs suffer from a portal stasis while the kid

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midway between the umbilicus and the xyphoid cartilage.

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treats these cases by aspiration and injection of formalin

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Send Coupon for New Pamphlet tell you more about mechanical

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will appear that the medical paupers constitute more

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death. While we excuse the younger man for his rashness in pronouncing a

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irritating. He also sometimes employed boric acid and

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tary canal the salines should be avoided. On the other

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over the engorgement and hence a prevention of those de

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reach the septum. These fibers constitute the true fornix longus. The

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He had done the operation very successfully in several instances



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