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to deal with playgrounds and recreation for urban and rural centres

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event of scarcity of oats or in case the transpoit of

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in the bone and extends to the mucous membrane of the palate.

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made. Dr. Barrett then handed his testimonials to the

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The great majority of the micro organisms floating in the air of

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must be remarked however that clinical evidence is not in accord with

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The remedy is so unpleasant that few take it willingly. Gelatine Cap

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with reference to cancer. The work of the histologist

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great revolutions of the nineteenth century the annihila

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reserve in case of collapse the heart being carefully

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macopoeia. Animal drugs are considered in the order of

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ately the hand and forearm became swollen and edem

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affection. It gives us great pleasure heartily to recommend

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Of the various kinds of empyema I do not need to speak but

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N. G. Seymour finds that one of the most frequent errors

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the most commonly injured. The bleeding point in case in which the hsemorrhage

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striction produces dilatation of the duodenum proximal to it.

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If these hysterical predispositions are removed the attacks

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a little later and again the patient was revived by

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bit of literature. While it suggests the writer physi

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images in Aphasia there is often associated destruction of the

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question he askcul after the usual salutation was as to the

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lymphatics and nerves and is enclosed by the peritoneum and retained

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servations on the Technique of Intestinal Anastomosis

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in itself does not require another. No stimulant should be given before

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cyst in many of these cases. When a pedicle is formed

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too the origin of those exceedingly obstinate chancrous ulcers of

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but by rational treatment you make it run its course mildly and

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Surgeon James P. Kimball Captam aiul Assistant Surg on

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lent inflammatory fever attended with insupportable shooting pains in

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by the preparation of standard tables which give the values for basal

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fined to the region of the appendix and is only threatening

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Respiration was rapid. There was still a little vomit

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ing to a brown. The colour test already mentioned seems to



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