8:00 – 9:30 pm (Russell Room)
The evening’s festivities kick off with Allen Ashley

Come along for a fun and friendly Poetry Event hosted once again by Allen Ashley. Our aim is to read around the group – this means you will probably get to read two medium-length poems (e.g. 30 to 40 lines each) on the first time round. Bring half-a-dozen of your best pieces as you may well get a second or third turn. Poems can be broadly on genre themes . . . or not! If you just want to be part of the audience, that’s cool too. So, if you want to take part, e-mail Allen on allenashley-writer@hotmail.co.uk or just turn up on the evening.


8:00 – Midnight (Fitzherbert Room)

Interview plus Q&A with Special Media Guest Robin Hardy & Stephen Volk, followed by a screening of The Wicker Tree (97 mins) and other short films and trailers, several with personal Introductions.


9:30 – 10:30 pm (Russell Room)
Sarah Pinborough, Joe Abercrombie

Let's get Quizzical!

Stretch your genre muscles and flex your fantasy might in the legendary FantasyCon ice-breaker Quiz! Quiz Master-of-all-things-swordy Joe Abercrombie, and Quiz Mistress-of-many Sarah Pinborough will be the blind leading the blind in this battle of brains. Lycra optional.


10:00 – 11:30 pm (Regency Lounge)

Some things just go together: cheese and wine, fish and chips, fungal infections and Canestan, Probert and Adams . . .

Dressed as lavishly as a lobster salad, John L. Probert and Guy Adams will be your gaolers for the marathon that is the FantasyCon Raffle, offering prizes galore and enough bad jokes to have the Britannia closed on the grounds of Health and Safety.

If you would like to donate prizes (books, T-shirts, pieces of gold), please hand them in at the FantasyCon Registration Desk in the Lobby when you check-in. Remember to include a post-it note or a slip of paper with your name on it so that we can hopefully credit you with the donation during the festivities.


11:30 pm onwards (Regency Lounge)

The return of the popular panel game in which querulous Quizmaster Paul Cornell challenges perfectly balanced quota of contestants James Barclay, Muriel Gray, Louise Morgan and Robert Shearman to speak for one minute without hesitation, deviation or repetition on any subject.



9:00 – Midnight (Fitzherbert Room)

More short films and trailers, several with personal Introductions by their creators.


10:00 pm onwards (Regency Lounge)

(All times given are approximate.)

10:00 pm                    Part One“Introduction”.

10:05 pm                    “The Green Eye of the Little Yellow God”Mr. Reggie Oliver, actor, will recite the celebrated and blood-curdling monologue.

10:10 pm                   “The Hallowe’en Sessions” (excerpt)
An exclusive preview of an extract from the forthcoming West End portmanteau horror play. In this monologue written by Mr. Stephen Volk and directed by Mr Sean Hogan, noted thespian Mr. Billy Clarke narrates an eerie tale of madness, loss . . . and childrens’ cartoon characters. Other contributors to the production include Kim Newman, Anne Billson, Paul McAuley, Maura McHugh and Sean Hogan. The Hallowe’en Sessions runs October 29 – November 3 at the Leciester Square Theatre and tickets are on sale here.

10:25 pm                   “Atters’ Paranormal Terrors” performed by Mr. Michael “Atters” Attree.

10:50 – 11:05 pm     Intermission and an opportunity for Refreshments.

11:05 pm                    Part Two

11:10 pm                    “The Day War Broke Out” – ghostly impressions and memories of the long-dead comedian Robb Wilton by Mr. Reggie Oliver.

11:15 pm                    Mr. Stephen Olley will perform.

11:30 pm                    “Burlesque & Other Performances”
After last year’s enthusiastic reception of the Saturday evening Panto and Burlesque*, Miss Alessa Dark brings you further laughs, shivers and excitement. Mr. Michael “Atters” Attree will also perform.

*Please note: The Management would like to remind patrons that the Burlesque is not suitable for minors.

Midnight                    Close _____________________________________________________________________


10:30 pm onwards (Bar Rogue)

Have a drink on British publisher Gollancz and boogie on down into the early hours with the sounds of Trans-Atlantic deejays Guy Adams and Rio Youers.



11:00 - Midnight (Russell Room)

What is the best ghost story of all time?

Well, now FantasyCon 2012 gives YOU a chance to vote for your favourite!

Just fill-out and submit the electronic form here. We will then tabulate all the votes and the winning short story will be announced during a panel starting at 11:00 pm in the Russell Room on the Saturday night. Before then, a carefully selected group of experts will discuss their own favourite ghost stories and what it is that makes a classic spooky tale, before the mighty Ramsey Campbell reads the winning entry with the most votes as the clock strikes the Witching Hour of midnight!

No novels or novellas please, just short stories, and one vote per person. This poll is open to EVERYBODY.

Don’t delay – vote today! Here is a unique opportunity to choose for YOUR favourite ghost story of all time!

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