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on those subject to anaemia or in a depressed physical con-

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mechanical conditions, but to relieve the muscles as well.

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they had disease of the heart ; an apprehension engendered by its

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Enlargement of the spleen is readily diagnosed by the

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must be decided in each case after carefully considering

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resistance in the epigastrium, not always marked, especially if the con-

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creases with the severity of the inflammation, being highest in the ichorous

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(1901), R.A.M.C., "for conspicuous gallantr}^ in action. He

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the muscles are relaxed. While the patient is sitting there

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tion to be the only help for many physicians in the state of

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cardiographic and sphygmogtaphic figures obtained by Lud-

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who reside in the country, to the objects of this society. Our

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A Practical Treatise on Diseases of the Eye, By Robert Brudenell

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ptoms a patient may present to a particular morbid condition of the spinal

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headaches and arthritic pains, 2 tablets q 4 h. Aspirin

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practice Credo's method failed to do so in fact. Reliable statis-

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duties of an immense practice, he has found time to make, with

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12. Puranen J, Kaski P: The clinical significance of osteomedullography in

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Pre-medical education, Louisiana State University, Baton

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ser%'ations on tuberculosis of the bones and joints.^ Volkmann con-

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case consisted in the free administration of cardiac stimu-

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the United Kingdom, or at a Colonial or Foreign University

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the servant laid a bottle containing prussic acid and one

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fering from nausea, vomiting, sweat, frigidity, shock,

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ger miles were accomplished for each passenger killed, and 4,239,200 pas-

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above all, because he was my old master. I was proud indeed to

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sine inis l»?en aufferinjj; from couj^h. h).-s of strenj^lh,

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less your acquaintance with the source of the report the greater

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tion of the excretion of urea, and the effects of its accumulation in the blood.

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istics of the organism? isolated correspond in every de-

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in a few cases he failed, but this was because of lack

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admirably attained. The work consists of three grand

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the internal with the external forces would develop an

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morning normal, with pulse 100 and respirations 26. His

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take one, morning, night, and morning, with •<.

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had not extended below the larynx, therefore the tra-

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results from the triad of fallen brows, wrinkles on the

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the wound. But opposed to this advantage is the particularly

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outbreak. The health committee will keep all contacts iso-

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rarely, upward and inward, beneath the upper lid, so that patients

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pulse, etc, we may recc^puie the state of excitement in which the



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