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layers of the membrane. The thickening of these struct

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ter but no chorionic villi. He decided it was a case of

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were single treatment patients. Several of the cases

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naught of the Brotherhood of Man. Neither from the proud

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generalized tuberculosis. If a rabbit survived a dose

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rabbit while the effect in the ape is likewise much

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irritation. While there is interference with the flow of bile the food

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ical trust. Right here it might be well to call the

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This number was soon diminished once again by anoth

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The patient being under the influence of chloroform

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luent that ofifers a chance of relief more quickly and

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serum varies from a half to one gramme per litre the prog

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lution. As the germinal cell is impressed with the vitality

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Reports of its Ijencficial action as an antiseptic as first recommended

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