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desirous of having the elections to the Medical Board made
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whole question of medical education and medical reform and is widel
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be too strongly condemned. Ely insists on its reduction
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weeks generally starve the enemy out of his quarters. After this a more
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grossness and indecency it strikes us as a little extraordinary
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fembling that of brimftone. At length taking ofi the receiver we found
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especially after exercise. Hopping twenty five times on one foot and
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observed on the cut surface of the stump is significant in con
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harm when given subcutaneously. Larger doses produce death in
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of the fact that the condition is so widespread. Until I became particularly
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strated. It will be remembered that the pus removed during
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nent symptom. Fermm pkos. is frequently demanded in chil
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society according to them whe n they are known. And
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sire had fully returned. He finished his season s work in
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cancer. Respecting the little yellow mass just described we may
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conductor and sparks were applied to the spinal columned the
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in leukaemia which disease was suggested by the enlargement of the liver
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III. To amass and systematize data which might later fur
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ration. I did not allow her to be disturl ed and after
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tient recently who showed seven diopters of optic neu
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abscess if resorted to in the earlier stage I at least
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indications for treatment are simplified. Nature cures and the
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predominance of carcinoma of the colon and rectum. Combining the
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Diagnosis. Here again the diagnosis depends entirely upon micro
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able to move both legs below the knee without causing pain.
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clusion it may be stated that the woman never suspected that
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jection of malarious blood into healthy persons it has appeared at
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If relief be not obtained in half an hour give a drench
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rhage for two or three days before moving the patient are



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