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of contagions pleuro pneumonia. The horses should receive daily

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attribute to the fact that at that time the peculiar sensitiveness to

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sources of irritation exist but have escaped our observation.

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This caused him to review the opinion of a number of authors on

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and pumice stone. After the air has entered the pumps it is

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its capsule hemorrhagic infarct. L. at rophy of con

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Four of the elementary necessities for maintaining life are mois

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tion must be drawn between thrombosis and inflammation of

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terval of a few minutes the attack would follow cry

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Primary cases were rarely operated upon. There were

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the best prospect for a successful issue. Thus a cure

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committee in advance of the publication of the quarterly notices.

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ent at the first meeting but his connection with the Board

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various sources have been used to study the mechanism of reaction

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On the whole the specimen was a good instance of that

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College of Physicians and Surgeons it is not necessary

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ed to serve as reservoirs to the excrementitious residue of our solid and

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them with the statement that the bacillus X originally

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also true in the examination of milk because paratubercle bacilli may

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for half an inch or thereabouts. The other plan consisted

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prominent features of the clinical picture. There is an increase in the

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reddened blue litmus paper. After depositing an abundant pale ochre

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tation to the most abstract truths mastered by physical dispositions he

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tube and hypertrophy of the walls usually take place above the cancer. The

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of the disease by means of information gathered from patients

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On reflecting upon this case I feel no doubt that the

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pulmonary artery render it probable almost certain

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Its Action is Prompt it stimulates the appetite and the digestion it promotes

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themselves to other States for imitation. As on the pages of Massa

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suspected esophageal malignancy. An occasional foreign body was removed

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aroused that the condition was one of congenital contraction of the ten

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and is still in the Hospital. She is the oldest bom of her

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and dangerous although successes in exceptional cases

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firmary the sac of the hernia infiamed enlarged became hard

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tion detected a tumour occupying the left side of the abdomen.



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