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beneficial influence on the general condition of women so exhausted. In one of

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sive pus. It continued to discharge freely for the next month

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generally caused by a stubborn often recurring cramp of the

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portant but yet responsible etiological factors may

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impressive. He passed away in perfect peace. The Doctor s

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quite so clear unless peradventure the orator happens to have

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mentioned in the paper. Fermentation is invariably the


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the fingers beneath the ovary or tumor push it up through

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saline and CO ingredients and their effect upon the cuta

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have observed and studied such cases will it is thought by

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sweats the delirium dry tongue and gastro intestinal symptoms somewhat

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treatment therefore in this very grave class of cases is in an unsettled

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and the influence of the inhibitory on the excitatory process. Bayliss

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tance where there is no period of disability or where the same does

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ous as shamefaced offenders. They may have done good in checking the

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rancid cough bottle containing squill and ipecacuanha. During

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see no objections to his doing the same kind of practice from a

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specific surgical microorganisms chapter immunity types of

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b having the lower part of the pipe made of pure block

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conditions. For example the pale anemic hard working mother of three

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Yale is related to medicine most directly through her medical department

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of us has to be operated on himself he goes to Johannesburg.. nd

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Some Remarks on Epidural Hemorrhage without Fractiu e

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lence was more aggravated and more fatal than is recorded

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indication of a recovery of natural respiration yet there was a

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the coecum to the rectum the small number of these vessels accounts

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Some Experiments on Cold Chamber Treatment. I. Gordon Thomp

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stamp on the matter as distinctively as some of the other writers.

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an out of the way place. He seems to have a depraved

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intima is avoided and the vessel washed free from all clots

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infiltrated though the serous cavities soon become similarly occupied.

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the accoucheur should be competent to meet any emergency

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Alpha Omega Alpha Prize Competition. Pursuant of its policy of

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The above symptoms render the existence of pyloric oonstnction

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various other excretions and to supply this waste there is a con

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tudinal sinus c mtained a soft recent thrombus. Vessels of pia injected.

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Next day it was found that she could not move the right arm

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