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of the urine mixed with blood and on some occasions the first few
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at least would fall in the working period. The average
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there is considerable emphysema vomited several times in
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severe cases not only for the sake of the individual children
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They are also more acute urgent and violent. The following
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morable trait in his life which demands our attention and our
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tiated but it rarely stops here. Abundant experiment and
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obferved that Cowper after inje ting crude mercury
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should be accompanied b r either mental recreations or
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who have followed the extensive investigations of Dr. Haig
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ment if we wish to give every scholar a fair chance
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quiry others have agreed with me in the reality of the fad. It
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of established reputation. Quinine combined with iron particularly
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resolutions have been forwarded to the respective Sena
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tain the temperature of different parts of the animal body
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arthroplasties of the temporomaxillary articulation
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The President said he was sorry no one had answered the
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of the bronchi. It should always be remembered that the lung undergoes
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the pull of the ductus arteriosus or duct of Botal.
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able and persistent enlargement of the liver and spleen and periodic attacks
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mises have been really fulfilled and whether no unforeseen
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patient succumbed to suppurative peritonitis. My com
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Two cardinal principles are involved in the successful performance
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of tubercle bacilli into the circulation was converted into the
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Probably ho was not aware that disordered vision giddiness etc. is a
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ance of nerve fibres was noticed occasionally hypertropliy of the



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