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teries and in Bright s disease of the kidneys when the patient may

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between the middle turbinated bone and the outer wall of the

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The distinction between these two cla.sses of rases

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a simple kind or whether they are to be accompanied by decom

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remedies administered were the cause of death. The Medical

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which was read at the annual banquet of the meeting in

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leather. The uric acid calculi are of most common occurrence.

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nostrils with some chloride of soda and water which used to

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Its content always holds an element of an unfulfilled

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first by alkali and later on by large quantities of

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Potosi Mo. report a case of successful reduction of a

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are not too severe for such deliberation. Later hospitalization becomes

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retina and optic nerve which are exceedingly rare. An

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and that relapses are very frequent in a short time after its suspension.

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Felons May Not Practise Medicine. The Supreme Court

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information without the approval of the donor. Such

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forms of stars of every possible dimension. According to this

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a girl suffering from amenorrhoea had an operation for imperforate

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in cases in which the livelihood of the patient depends on writing

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cept that the acetic is substituted for the citric aoi d.

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