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two nerves stand in the same relation to each other as do the

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show a tendency to strangulation. In some of these cases the hernia

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of glycosuria or diabetes when the percentage of blood

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in the small and large intestine the ileum however being the

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this brilliancy can be lessened by lowering the lamp or by using

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closing and reopening with removal of tissues from the nasal

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have nnderstood at the distance of nearly three years from the operv

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this disease and few will be found more marked than

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what relates to the latter stages of his complaint is taken from

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researches of such men as Professor Germain See Dr. Con

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philis In August last had to give up work liecause of

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grafting cancer cells yet if this were done the applica

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of relapses and also from other eminent operators in

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which had been produced in rabbits by injections of adrenalin

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entered the place where he was operating and carried

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bromtde of potassium which wai given pr ity steadily for tw i

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the peripheral nerves which was located almost exclusively in the

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region lying between the tenth dorsal and fifth lumbar vertebric.

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females. You will find such persons although of active habits

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continued in some of the cases for several hours. Suppura

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May has revealed the exceptional position occupied by the

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non contagionist is Virchow but as Dr. Murchison has shown the

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intervention shown more strikingly satisfactory results.

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similar to electric shocks. After a second or two the pain is



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