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of the anus which she had contracted during her ninth

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cephalalgia was the complaint that caused the patient

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isolated for diphtheria but where no colonies developed

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defective in all especially in M. An odd feature of

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This treatment was also resorted to in the late epidemic and

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position of the blood at least in regard to its richness in

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from the temporal and middle meningeal arteries the temporo occipital veins and the

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demonstrated that Imman tissues preserved in cold stor

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performed and a celluloid plate introduced to prevent

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wine. Put the water cinnamon and doves into a sauce

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appearance of a focus of cholera on their territory. They shall specify

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concerned in renal dropsy but we often saw intense and

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be accounted for by coincidence. On the other hand the occurrence

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Wednesday the Directors presented a Report giving an

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tion the condition in which he found the insured in March

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upon post mortem examination we should look for congestion in the

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opportunity of ascertaining the nature of the charges against

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the cost of the protoplasm and the life of the cells.

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the eccentricity of recommending extreme views on the

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time ago in the obstetrical clinique of Professor Von Eitgen

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first time since I came this side the Atlantic. Governor Wright

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loss of breathing poAver it is in advawed emphysema that the most visible

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pulmonary tuberculosis. WilHams finds a noticeable limitation of

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and Monongahela Eivers where they unite to form the Ohio. In

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special division of sensation by which temperature is

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production and handling of clean milk and the effect on the bac

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with which tlie Portuguese physicians gave their time and trouble

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extent of the immediate bad effects of excessive alimentation by afford

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Hydrocephalus as a Complication of Labour a full and valuable

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made in a cold season aggravated the symptoms of the arti

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prostration when a few incoherent mutterings are the only



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