As usual, everybody who purchases a membership to the convention will receive an attractive and useful Delegate Bag to carry their books and other items around in.

Along with the Souvenir Book and Pocket Programme, we also hope to include a variety of other goodies in the bags.

We welcome donated books (either single titles or mixed lots) from publishers, or other promotional items such as samplers, pens or badges, that will go directly to everyone who is attending the convention. THERE WILL BE NO CHARGE FOR DONATIONS OF THESE ITEMS.

If you wish to insert an advertising flyer, magnet or bookmark into the bags, then there is a small handling charge of £20.00 per total items (payable in advance) to cover the manpower involved. However, IF YOU ARE ALREADY DONATING ANY OF THE ABOVE ITEMS, SUCH AS BOOKS, THEN THERE WILL BE NO CHARGE FOR YOU TO ALSO INCLUDE ADDITIONAL PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL.

We are currently anticipating between 400-500 attendees over the weekend itself (and will confirm numbers closer to the time). These will be dedicated fantasy/horror/science fiction fans, so this is a perfect opportunity to get your product into their hands and promote yourselves!

Please contact us on: if you wish to donate something to the bags.

All items will need to be delivered to the hotel PRIOR to Wednesday, September 26th and should be clearly marked:

Attn: Mr Georges Amaru
The Royal Albion Hotel
35 Old Steine
Brighton BN1 1NT

Due to storage restrictions at the hotel, posted items should arrive NO EARLIER than a week beforehand. We can accept hand-delivered items up until the morning of September 26th (before Noon).

Thank you for your support.



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