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was dissolved in hot water and treated with about g. of potassium

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few apparently substantial recoveries have been reported. The dura

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spirits had enabled him to resist cliraatorial influences was

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the only fatal case of sepsis recorded the gauze bandage

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are stated as follows Endemo epidemics at home in the colonies

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lymphatic node often found enlarged close to the cystic duct. All the

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is copied nearly verbatim from the act in our own State laws relating

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which give rise i the so called vegetations on the valves

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and is numbered I. in the notes of four cases of leprosy in

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spherical surface It is hardly correct to say that accord

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quently in medicinal doses are a powerful nervine tonic and are used

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not invade the tissues or pass into other organs in the

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character of their virulence could not be classed in either of these

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ergy and excites by thefe increafed motions the fenforial power


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symptom of internal piles. Inasmuch as the blood by which this plexus

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his ambition I can quite understand Dr. Albert S. Ashmead taking

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