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in connection with it are of two kinds viz. muscular hypertrophy

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gonorrlKca some ten years before. He wa s not intem

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author had failed in obtaining the information that the animal

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cavernous sounds are beard Various grades of modified

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ject such as hypnosis sleep or fatigue. In addition to

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ism. It now remains to be mentioned that patient had

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pectedly detached for duty with the Volunteer forces

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and in another between the material and the spirit

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bistoury and stethoscope in every Hospital who do not

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doses during the day being very careful that she was not un

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In every case the young were moved about and cared for by

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within a year some half dozen cases of digits severed

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cians to cure anemia chlorosis and all chlorotic affections in

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over the thighs the external genitals the integuments of the abdomen

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scarcely a single educated physician in Philadelphia who owns

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work stomach work and sexual indulgencies. Wine is an active

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and irregular per minute the pupils were dilated and the face

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clusions on this subject in an age when physiological science and patholo

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glands and therefore must be regarded as secondary.

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in any abnormal case of renal colic which is complicated by early and

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attack of ague and bilious remittent fever was common and

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insoluble po Yder blackening on exposure to light. It is

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we obferved that the rays paffing thro blue and yellow compofed a

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caused an eruption akin to leprous pemphigus suggesting

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official regulation of the antitoxic unit value of serum in

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came to Consult me about a rheumatic affection of many years

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the advanced stage conjoined with opium. Blisters were of course freely

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of Highmore. The essentials of treatment were stated

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stomach soon becomes very irritable rejecting everything with vio

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observ ed from time to time in the advanced periods

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patient became so averse to permanent loss of voice

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tion detected a tumour occupying the left side of the abdomen.

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time the felt impregnated with the mercurial salt is subjected to

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specting these may be obtained from the Registrar University of London

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lesions which can be seen during treatment and are ac



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