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IgG fraction obtained from patients convalescent from non A non B hepa

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Causes. The disease occurs most frequently during the

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could not he explained by repeated examinations of the

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lem barrister Toronto. The widow of Dr. Macklem became

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found there. I have had occasion to quote his result which

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reserve in case of collapse the heart being carefully

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appears in the first Nessler tube it is presumably of animal origin

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not wait long for easy as our course may seem when all runs

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healthy anmials ui general and the histological evidence of the ex

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older theories the time has come for a fresh start

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An increased expansion of the chest is apparently a desirable effect of

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Having now passed the instrument well into the womb

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mischief undone by directing salutary influence upon the primary disease.

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bronchial pressure does not interfere with the pul

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similarly constructed whicli he liad used with benefit in cases of

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profession or of your committee. It is poor politics to waste

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upside down by the feet for an instant while the little finger of

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partment of Queen s which the medical section has now virtually

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ill did dressings and by careful examination and judicious questioning separated the

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of speech and almost totsd inability to swallow al

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attacked the human species land and water fowl and pigs

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examine any licentiate was put before him this is what he made

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solutely necessary to maintain a temperature which does

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Havana Post in its Christmas edition has a full page illustra

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plain these curious variations in tlie distribution of the

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deal with the requirements of the alimentary canal of

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a uniform and elaborate system of Public Health endeavour. We

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the London Daily Telegraph and of course as the title

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sudden strain thrown on the diseased left kidney. In the

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taken more freely than simple water and they are therefore useful. Active

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and uterine involution is tardy and feeble. Then follows an

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the induced current on the one and laudanum nitrate of



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