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diagnostic points were abdominal pain localized to the

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complete and partial the myotonic reaction the myasthenic

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of the vestibular apparatus. This has been recorded before but seemed

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PuoPESsoH Gamgee is a most industrious and persevering

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ment of new therapeutic agents for prevention and treat

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and parietal bones were most frequently involved. The

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and with some matter from the sores a foundered mare

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of the system. If there is much headache give Belladonna. If the

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aromatic spirits of ammonia amyl nitrade and strychnia gr.

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after taking a dose of castor oil he was seized with most

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cold when the temperature is below normal milk fever

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spite of the original disease being the same and be

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his organism grew poorly on all fiuid mediums. Reproduction was by

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period given does not qualify as a curative agent in

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tible of an untimely issue the above estimate may be con

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of the cell has continued for some little time we notice

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to the best of its ability and with pure and honest

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growths in question the blood vessels are on the exterior of

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been condemned to Assam the end of the run. Sevareid continued

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mislead the judgment. The process of self deception on these

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Polk gave a brief report upon a case shown before the

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erally non suppurating and the fever being of the stivo

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food in the presence of the Walamo people. Captain Welby resolved

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dium of malaria except for the absence of pigment. Graham believed

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that produced a degree of uneasiness in his throat and a certain

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being brought on at any time from excitement or over

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Hutchinson though possibly in its entirety untenable is disposed

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Seventy per cent leal disturbances of general sensibil

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boiling water without fear of damaging them. Wood or

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nodular and somewhat but not freely movable. It could not be

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contraction was followed by complete relaxation and copious gushes of

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of lectures but the instruction in all these special

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join the first rib or as in the specimen above referred to pass

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cesses are almost horizontal. Then the wound is closed

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vaginal walls. Probably the best means for supporting

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June. No more mouldinefs appeared whence we have it confirmM lt



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