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Parke who represented Indiana in Congress could get no action on the

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Philadelphia the national exhibit on mental hygiene which

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and were marked by small quantities of excreted urea. The first of

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normal eye no inflammation occurred in the eye to which the nerves

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termed by way of explanation the hemorrhagic diathesis is as

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Communications should be addressed to The Boston.Medical and

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obscure disease. One of the most striking chapters of the

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fingers in fpeaking in public. Thefe habits are begun through

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of the brain facial paralysis developed. He had no other

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position of the descending colon extending from above

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t debilitated by disease and hospitalism showed a wretched count.

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Dr. C. Goldman in order to prevent unpleasant symptoms presents the

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curate diagnosis of the conditions presented as a basis

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municate with the nearest Senior Ordnance Store Officer

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a greater fpace in rarifadlion and a lefTer in condenfation but ade

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History. In former times all diseases in which the tendency to

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Next as to examining and treating the important organs contained

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been converted into typhoid fever but we shall see later that typhoid fever

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erate sexual intercourse destroys the martial spirit

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tensibility of the penis has its limits. He was afraid

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ated with hot saline solution for two to five days without changing

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high. Tube attached to a suitable thermometer and immersed in a

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that under these circumstances its patients would be

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tive Secretaries. Members of the Association not belonging to



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