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thereto and the divided end of the fibula was firmly planted

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of periarticular structures such as bursse and tendon

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alum per cent solution in water several times a day

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any influence which is strong enough and is sent from any quarter

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spontaneously. Haddenj H. reports various cases of head nod

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to the prolongation of the life of the illustrious patient.

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Such was the course of the disease for sixteen years during

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matic value of the different spas. He also considers the

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generator the center of all power. Stop for one instant

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fact that they furnish experimental proof that a so called latent case

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we hope to be able to demonstrate later by special staining methods.

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where it was decided to oppose the teaching of Evo

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are costly at any price and if they could feel assured

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verse. He who does not constantly keei adding to his

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cavity. M. Monod of Bordeaux relates some curious ex

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Cicatricial ectropion and lagophthalmos were usually corrected with

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or only slight was ever found. The blood was always taken from

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and its working capacities by non nitrogenous foods

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adherent to the organ sometimes it is also united by firm



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