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losses being attributed to depredations of the leopard piuna wild cat

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of cocaine eighteen months before I made his acquaintance using

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sent themselves as wild fancies with no stall or pigeon hole or as

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arise from the sebaceous glands. He believed that they arose from

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alized finally affecting respiration so that patient s breathing

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this way I have been able to detect and isolate a num

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Further the origin of such societies in France is not as

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the surface of the brain led the author to approximate the electrodes

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valent cations have a very powerful attraction for water which we

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nitro muriatic acid and small doses of quinine. Locally atro

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Result. These animals revealed fairly uniform lesions much like

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tent the latter affect unfavorably the prognosis. The

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the more fatal condition of status epilepticus. The younger the patient the

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another shall become softened so that you may have hypertrophy

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accomplished unless the appendix is removed in every

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that they have been overcome and that in this coun

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The treatment should consist first in ascertaining if possible the

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deny himself so strictly and occasional deliberate indulgences strengthen

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C peripheral portions of the tumour contained much muscular

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the most authoritative the best book on legal medicine and tox

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column two in which there is some variation probably due

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The essential elements of an insurance contract are

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specific parasitic disease. A risumi of the paper touches

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Dr. Yemans reported a case of remittent fever where the tem

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capillary dilatations that sometimes mark its course. On opening

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to effect a radical cure and prevent relapses we must endeavour whilst we

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partium descriptio anatomica nee non ejusdam nova visionis theoria.

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nal mammary artery and large vessels. In the first instance there

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of less diameter antero posteriorly but if its refractive

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after a large experience of its use he has never witnessed any

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kind with such a variety of fruits is a strong indication

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were thus saved to France in that year alone. As a conse

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tant auxiliary in war as well as other natural disasters



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