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iodides. Purinaemic conditions must be combated by the means at our

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than any other community of professional men in this country

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arteries by i the elasticity and tone of the arteries

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The chapters on the heart and lungs are short and give a good

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ized externally by certain alterations in the skin and the

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stroyed. Sometimes the longing for fluids is morbidly increased. The

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the whites would pull through. Moreover in these cases

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term for here we are dealing with neither a neoplastic nor truly

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to protect them against the organisms in the air of the room. The

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in the absence of ocular proof that microorganisms

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one deaths and about two hundred cases are reported.

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adults the liver is much enlarged its border is thick

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be treated in the prison hospital. Unable to get any

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the physical system have a large influence upon the brain

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sufi er from fever and colicky pain in the epigastrium which after twelve

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klebs Loeffler bacillus. Further the follicular ton

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little heart burn or flatulency all vegetables are instantly proscribed.

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ments on rabbits that this micro organism created the cardiac

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where federal inspection was maintained. Upon being slaugh

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