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modern writers for these conditions intended to represent

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do these amount to anything comparable with the great

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gauging the nature extent and exact attachment of the growth.

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not find it difficult to answer. It of course involves a

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ease cannot lie merely a coincidence. The two disorders

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endeavor to indicate the best method of administer

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ipulated so as to exclude all the moisture retaining

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but the extremities recede from it and the left end is

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more interesting to the anatomist than to the practising

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land mark the last section which shows a connection between

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significance lay in the ability of the soldiers to care for

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The liver was formerlv overlooked in many instances of tuberculosis

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transplanted city patients adapt themselves to this

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Mauutacturers of Medicinal and Surgical Plasters in Kubber Combination

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any understanding of some of the vital processes going

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with chill fever and increase of swelling. Except mechanically the condition

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when he was killed by Count de Montgomery whether ac

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entiation by glycerol fermentation was not so distinct as a number of the

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that there could only have been an infinitesimal secretion of gastric

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indicate the removal of a portion of the sternum in

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When this is the case it is folly to upset the stomach

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regulation for hospital stoppages at Aldershot. Venereal admissions

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present two volume set on my desk and have referred to it

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are entirely covered with them their beautifal light almost daz

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pation of machinist who contented himself with reading and study

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very slightly affected. In cases the nasal side was also pallid

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Facts and figures will speak of the success which has been

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he pull through An unlimited supply of hay allowed at night

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Dr. W. Budd had seventeen cases of Enteric Fever under his care

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pneumonia counter irritation is often of very great ser

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usually it had disappeared by gangrene or by sloi hing

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so that the ointment is less easily wiped off and wasted. With

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