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pleuritis. The pain is often acute and lancinating in character it may be
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periments with those of Legallois and explains the reasons
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the surgeon general of the Army. Many cases however pre
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ship s surgeon aboard the ill fated Cyclops which disappeared
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view to recommending measures for the prevention of tubercu
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had probably best be moved to as near the sea level
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occasionally. Vaccine treatment is still in the ex
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der tlie integuments which give rise to an irritation
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that under these circumstances its patients would be
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tionis for popliteal aneurism. He applied four ligatures
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earlier stages of development some of the most difficult
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sea water. During school hours the children were in a
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Naples or Duke of Cambridge Pudding with Candied Peel.
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involve the ears. Avoid overeating. Stuffing a cold only
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the rectum loses its sensibility and the walls their
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The proportions of the syrup used in the above case as of
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dency on the part of the patient to lose his balance but without
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I speak upon this subject I assume the rij ht of speak
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on the first inoculation. However the manufacture of a dry cul
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after three days confinement in the dungeons of the Luxembourg. He was
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by some clinicians that the difficulty in asthma emphysema and car
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examined be considered to show that consumption is in
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The necessity of using c. p. glycerine is imperative as a pres
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residence and permit the torrent to flow on his head
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hazardous abrupt cessation of use of either drugs or alcohol.
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caufe of all motion in matter not by principles peculiar to phyfics but
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From this it had been assumed that the heart continues to
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tomical structures in the operative field. They show the extent
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Her general health seemed eood. A g irl of whose sight was much
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usually expressed in inches as a fraction the numerator
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cysts by somehow uncovering and fostering these devel
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the heart is incapable of repair and indeed always grows worse as it
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ever must be determined by a great number of cases.
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are liable and after such an acute disturbance we may



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