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treatment of portwine stains certain other types of heman
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and colts after the sound ears of corn had been gathered. The
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most rigorous chemical analysis could not detect any arsenic
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powder of three simples that was an effectual cure of
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gram and text concerning the heliocentric theory more
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proximating only in a useful direction to the monomaniac.
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the primordium hippocampi. It extends forward as a very slender ridge in the
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section it shows fine bands of fil rous tissue forming a network through
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time the knee was swollen painful and tender. The swelling
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writers differentiated clinically at least two forms sun
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all using the same milk supply and animal inoculation
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ing the roofs from which the rain water is collected.
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Surgery. The anatomical lectures were regularly deliv
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arms and shins. There were small white atrophic patches
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side of the hall Ladue the front and I the back parlor
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on the legitimate aspirations of our youthful students Are
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outdeL of the disease. The pulse hecomcs very frequent m
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erated or more which is a better indication of the seriousness of the
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true that these fiexious and consequent inflammations
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or no good for there is an active haemorrhagic tendency. The
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phlebitis. A. mil iary slight suppuration generally
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were discontinued and again improving when active treat
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of feeding and the quantity furnished are of great importance.
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A second line of research in connexion with foetal pathology is
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Ktiology. The direct cause or special micro organism connected
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cirrhosis and pylephlebitis. The escape of blood from the vessels of the
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then from the table being mainly composed of single favourable cases
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the nearer it can be approximated the greater will be the
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lower ribs as an early indication of diaphragmatic failure
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hydrochloric acid so called hyperchlorhydria and im
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drops oil of bergamot drops oil of lavender drop oil of cloves
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The temperature after a critical rise fell below normal rose in the



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