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side and later a second attack followed by similar dis
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person poisonous if inhaled or swallowed by a healthy individ
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more liable to derangement. Now if it be true as has
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form of treatment. A conical stump is in itself no indication
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readily differentiated. In heatstroke there is complete uncon
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another portion of country heretofore exempt and so on agai
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Source. Sulphate of Copper blue vitriol or blue stone
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Thomas Wroughton and Dr. John Burnett veterinarians and
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tical way of viewing each patient instead of by special
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Skillern R. H. The Catarrhal and Suppurative Diseases of the Accessory Sinuses of
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lieved that among those that had arrived there must have been some
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as caustics exhibit a mode of action similar to chloride of
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cating ulcerative colitis myasthenia gravis. WARNINGS In the
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prompt surgical intervention. It was established that the
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strokes. In case relaxation succeeded contraction this
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colonic stasis and its concomitant toxemia for several
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carries the hicuspids inward and the cuspids are hy tlie pressure
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have had a good deal to do in so sapping his recuper
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the muscles of a limb to remain paralyzed in an equal deg
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The skin almost immediately sympathizes with the stomach when
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function parallels in a general way the degree of existent disease.
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administered internally cold sponging to the eye counter
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Stnd demonftrates that no blood from the fubclavian
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nut certain to have a correspondingly roomy pelvis.
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occlpita Ua ante rtor small occipital nerve. N. oc
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per holds that these arc two varieties of uraemia which should be carefully
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alone it can be safely practised for these ail surgeons will under
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Epj.om salts and ginger drench should be administered.
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is given to second year students. It includes the study and demon
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ganglia were quite healthy. Examination of other parts of
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Rabbits which recover from the infection contain the oocysts for a long
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from foreign body pneumonia due to the disturbance of swallowing.
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in with her material for repair and fills up all the interspaces with
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DIAGNOSIS. The constitutional manifestations of Eickets are to
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also is fluctuation evident. Examining the condyle it does



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