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plegia. Usually in such instances there is marked recovery so that only a
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geal and pharyngeal affections to allay inflammation espe
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succession of blisters over the diseased region instead of as
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life was in no way connected or identified with him
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an hour. In these vomiting and purging were not always present.
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tures in animals altogether similar to that of Dar
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Later Stages. Further along in the course of the disease liquids can
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organic matter it would seem plausible to infer that the first is
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not prompt we may logically expect to find a gastric rather than
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The Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario Quebec and
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turbid and the degree of turbidity if not turbid whether
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much interest. As elsewhere stated it may retain its
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for him a better education than the district school af
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most prominent portion of the left middle lobe in the
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stomach and colon. An excellent account of the record of the subject
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when confronted with a problem that significantly affects thei
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suffering with other infections such as grippe etc.
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In all cases of diarrhoea convalescence requires very careful management.
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larly the improvement in his strength md the absence of ecchi
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The remedy is so unpleasant that few take it willingly. Gelatine Cap
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distribution than appears from the data mentioned only it is frequently confounded
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recognized as capable of giving rise to iritis indeed
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as the doctor permits himself to be classed as a negative factor
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further of this great work. Without the fair there could be no



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