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tween Hooping cough and some recognised forms of zymotic disease.

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Sensory Symptoms. Germaix j in an extensive publication

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Clinical observations have shown that a large majority

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Lysis to normal on February d. Relapse for thirteen


Its application in the treatment of certain spasmodic

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attended with fever vomiting and coftivenefs. The pain is often felt in different

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like lupus or a serpiginous syphilide eating away and advancing at

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crossed with Boa primigenivs and Bos longifrons as the Ameri

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pulsation after proximal ligature resisting simple treatment excision is easier

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wire whilst their curvature should be about that of an Eustachian cathe


Rabbits which recover from the infection contain the oocysts for a long


atile salts. It is used in Holland to make poultices. Greville

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or without thrombosis. If it is from syphilis it is amena

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Membrane was present on the throats of all the hospital cases and

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embedded in the substance of the spleen they may form encapsuled

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ably tear away from the side of the pons. In carrying out

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That kidney infection of the descending or hematogenous


idrrhal diseases of the throat and respiratory tract

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this was not referable to the action of the silver.

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may produce still more numerous and complicated diseases.

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after reaction from shock with an increasing rapidity of pulse and respiration

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A Successful Case of the Serum Treatment of Tetanus.

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involved in the tumor was cut out and the cavity left loosely packed

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out the lye and boiling it down to the consistency of

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course with more than one partner in the six months prior to the

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exclusion of others during the period of invasion. I may say that most

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plus more available recreational activities help this situation. The

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connection with urea formation in plants but it is well to

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unfavourable. It is an old building with ill constructed and

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ternal diseases by Carl Gerhard on poisoning by Oscar

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writer was familiar. With regard to the materials used

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of nodules could be distinguished. The post mortem was per

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effect and treatment of both are practically identical. Burns are

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painless leading slowly to constriction of the intestinal



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