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of the Profession as Acting Assistant Surgeons. The

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few hours. In fatal cases however coma is the usual forerunner of death.

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physicians. And after rooting through more than two hundred

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heart blood vessels and kidneys and a most frequent cause of death

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developed. The great size of the liver renders the upper part of the

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Medical Association has just announced the following committee

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fore operating. In regard to the mode of operation the

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by melanaemia and which leaves no trace of melanin after death

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organ of breathing or prevent it from performing its excre

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the attack always beginning in the right hand. He subsequently

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blandest liquids and the softest foods that are consistent with the sus

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Bacteriologic exammation of the Missouri River water

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result of some peculiar form of toxemia and which were

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of animal tests. He warns against conclusions based upon the microscope alone since

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Subjective phenomena referable to the heart are not marked and are ofttt

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between the date of removal of the primary disease and the

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experiences reported by Italian physicians as to the prophylactic effect

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keep foreign particles out of the respiratory tract to as

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co operation of the government is making special efforts to wipe

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Seymour Jlreet Portland fquare April. WILLIAM COOK.

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The remedy now regarded as possessing the most efficacy is the iodide rf

sudafed side effects blood pressure

regarding ventral hernia or strain after vomiting as less

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fatty liver in consumption. But in all these places the liver

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in evidence unless the person so signing the same shall be

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By direction of the Secretary of War the Medical Examining

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under exertion we must know that the systolic pres

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