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most of Europe and yet physicians from England and France par

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Figure Aneurysmal dilatation of a glomerular capillary.

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depletion save a life which is endangered by laryngitis we are quite

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all the recent primary lesions of leprosy a bacillus germ very

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acid fruits do not seem to agree with the baby though this

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ical Sibils of pulmonary tuberculosis and the anaemia of

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duce at one time or other some new modification to a well known

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of decided crusting at all times itching and no bad odour. In

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Majesty s Indian Army Nursing Service responded for the army.

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great difficulties with equipment and supplies procured from whatever source

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chronic dysentery colic and is also recommended in gout rheumatism

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Kempner W. Ueber den vermeintlichen Antagonismus zwischen dem Cholera

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precipitate barium chromate is formed filter once more and

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man comes before her time it cannot properly be termed

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convalescent they were removed to the covnitry lor the

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the Woman s Hospital of New York states that but one

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When writing Advertisers please mention The American Journal of Clinical Medicine

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Changes in the skeleton caused diminution in the size of the thorax.

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where federal inspection was maintained. Upon being slaugh

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Toward the apex the lung was more or less infiltrated

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the deep injection is given weekly after the symptoms have dis

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than occurred in children who were somewhat older. The

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throws no light on the etiology of the disease. The clin

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those dreadfully variegated papers which alas are re

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of demonstrating the presence in air of microorganisms. It

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respiratory failure primarily the cause of death. Recovery

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and glutinous. Next it is placed on a ceramic slab rolled

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on so young a girl. A blood examination showed that the coagula

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supply the articulation with nerve fibers. Much at

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The most skilled diagnosticians will often be misled

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