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sulted the appointment of Depaul Huguier and Robert

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or whether he be employed in the service of a city state or

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ticles. The large amount of lymphoid tissue in the lower part of

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lotions over the inflamed veins will be most useful. A piece of nmslln

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way medical societies like medical journals are for

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confining the tuberosities of the tibia. A heavy pad in the

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the position of Dean made vacant by the demise of the late

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estimated from the fact that in the present edition of this

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colonies vary from the size of a pin point to mm. in diameter.

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tuation have appeared. The only exception to this rule is to be

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in the peritoneum and fixing it to the muscle by silk sutures. he

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and that the increase since has been alarmingly rapid. This is not

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volume because they are soft and not fluid. This condition of

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for dangerous laxity in treatment especially on the part of the

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communication between the upper and lower segments of the aorta is estab

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it is not reasonable to suppose that the most perfect

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graphite tint in very severe cases. The capillaries have been found occluded

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of an elliptical incision including the nipple and areola

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diately afforded and the college was ordered after collecting

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KrafTt Ebing to be one of acute hyperseraia with irritation followed by

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The same may be said of the recurrence of the parox

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greatly admired his brilliant colleague James Hinton to

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fides. This new fwelling in the parotitis mutabilis is liable to

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The symptoms of hypostatic congestion are not at all characteristic and

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conditions of low or failing nutrition there is gen

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be forgotten as an important medico legal question might depend on

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