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ness however in spite of the severe symptoms no para

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end of seven months when the nerves were regenerating and

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ylic. Sugar and urethane possess the same action to a

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the cyst by an incision five inches long from the umbilicus

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removed by the contracting clot and by subsidence in the second.

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attach to them the importance they would have had had they

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In the discussion following this report Tervaert reported three

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three of its own members to sit on the Board of Trustees of

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tic operation. T. of the vis cera congenital vice of

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new buildings are five In number and were completed in. The Institution

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dition and will submit it later. He had two sisters and three

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the intestinal contents of those dead of the disease great numbers

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British Medical Journal for March. In this case the

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The President then appointed the following members of the

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at the level of the fourth rib we have about one half

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inquiry to show that the primary and secondary stages either one or

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danger of mediastinitis following injuries of the oesophagus it is advis

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des flammes eternelles et a la vue des Demerites Communes

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own hand may not take the place of the application of this valuable

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Prior to that the most fragmentary and misleading symptoms

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of the left heart. The lungs are voluminous russet brown in color cutting

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Olonoine After sunstroke throbbing in whole head sore eyeballs.

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Morse was of the opinion that there was not sufficient

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and erysipelatous fever has been recently described by Dr. Charles

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sentative or typical cases. Moreover this method is inadequate to show the

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been lain with they could not have mifTed finding it.

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Japan that simply by the injection of a small amount

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in twenty cases treated at the Alexander hospital St. Petersburg when

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joint one inch above and external to patella passing out at flexion

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Dr. Salisbury offers the following suggestions for the treatment of

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ington urging his claims I was informed and believe that he was arrested



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