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ory and the text book which should become a familiar

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surface outward was sutured into the circular defect.

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cachexia the new disease here also inducing rapid death. Lastly

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ideal it must still be a practicable one. We want to

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arm until the next day to avoid rubbing or irritating it

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her affecting both sides. Two days after the advent of the pleurisy

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about the neurosal affections of the heart that the general

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the circulation through a principal vein is interrupted oedema

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wise to reduce the pressure more than from to mm. Hg

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widest diffusion of which was in. In Paris in February and Marcb

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in patients with syncope because it may shorten the

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the ear this cotton plug should be changed as frequently as

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on the left side united to pericarditis will justify us in con

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chronic it is a dangerous disease requiring prompt and careful

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her hands. After some persuasion she allowed a candle to be brought

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the use of strychnine with salines by exercise careful

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be done at any point of the urethra through a median per

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only thing preventing it being the inability of the dentist to find

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promise to favor the legislative measures required by us as a

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forms of the affection but in the subacute and chronic types it may

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between acute decubitus from collapse and chronic bedsores

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cold weather as he believed the latter to be a different

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blood it gradually becomes rusty or of an orange yellow. The tenacious

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tion. For this purpose of cultivating them the lepra bacilli

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aplastic anemia megaloblastic anemia thrombopenia leukopenia hemolytic

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the crater left behind when the ovisac ruptures it is at first

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loAvish appearance. As a result of proliferation of the inter

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and that practitiouei s in New York and in other cities

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On the other hand we know that if the field of operation

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then are greater the further we proceed from its superior extremity.

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between the officers of the College of Physicians and the Reception



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