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desirous of affording to the public the best services
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differences in the degree of ossification of the pelvic bones the
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is caused by toxins passing from the circulation of the
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tion and then only in cases of very great cerebral excitement.
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sick ones indeed in many instances it will have served its purpose
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sion on the points involved. It was a very important matter
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anterior epithelium is involved the agent is of value in
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Feed warm food. A spoonful of ginger or a little com
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which were implicated in the tumor formation on the
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legislature. Comment has often been made on the small number of
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Some of the cases were caused by the spread of infection from a
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teeth shut even for many horses have their under jaw
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organ all act in a similar way. Owing to the increased
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previous history was negative. Chloroform was given
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fected in disease. The posterior opacity before described is
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pression over the artery which supplies it. After the joint



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