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tive means of demonstrating the presence of organic
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tunity to study an epidemic of bubonic plague and was interested especially
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is alike difficult and exalted that to make an observer requires
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As to the use of opium in aborting or checking malarial
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Birds and higher monkeys are supplied witli a fovea
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Sig. One pill before the two heavier meals of the day.
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to the base of the tongue fauces and epiglottis and the tontillitic
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which the founder of the association Dr. Nathan Smith Davis was chair
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Short of operation there is onl one means of diagnosis and that
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parotitis is common and over per cent of cases prove fatal.
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nent alteration in the properties of the cells that are
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met with occurring under undefinable conditions of which the first
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pleural cavity is completely filled especially in latent pleurisies where the
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the points at issue. He has however brought these important
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to their lowest standard of water supply and tlie local
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four more names Moses Hoggett John Benefield Posey and
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under severe accidents and operations other things being
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cal considerations and clinical data. I believe svith
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times called gouty diabetes. In jDcrnicious anosmia and in leukiemia the
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many minds that would spurn the idea of doing evil that
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of the most practical and useful books ever presented to the
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ounces of emulsion but it acts in an uncertain manner some
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and this no doubt is anoxemia for the percentage of in the alveolar
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the hypochondriums were impossible to detect clinically.
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lar and is obscured by the leucocytic infiltration
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are not much talked about but Ayhich nevertheless constitute a large
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On the basis of this finding the researchers sought
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