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be brief, if any, as death is certain under such circum-
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losis of the lungs, or pulmonary tuberculosis, tuberculosis of the liver, etc.
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somewhat the following train of symptoms. He will place him-
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be said on this point that while there is nothing perfect in this
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avail. In both breasts, and in the side of the thorax, Avere numerous small
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designed out of benevolence or to maintain the purity of
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atrophy of some lobules with compensating hyperplasia of others ;
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+ kOtic cell.] Anjr very minute cell,— especially,
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the volume of the lungs from distension or dilatation of the air-cells is not
cannabidiol oil stockists
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ternational Health Board: the other halt jointly by the
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attempts to inflate forcibly the tympanic cavity. He agrees with former authors



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