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using those therapeutic measures with which the profession is familiar.

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dreamed of conferring the doctor s degree and was regarded with disfavor

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In the edematous or exanthematous form the subcutaneous

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preferred. The intravenous injection of crystalline ouabain


expected the ligature came away with the dressing. From

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in contact which as we have seen is inclined to excess of

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at a later stage it becomes altered. The evacuations in some

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examination is as a rule a much more simple affair. Dr. Theodore

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sicians has already led to the invasion of this field

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may also be present in the rectum perineum thigh scrotum etc.

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vessels becoming lost and the mucous membrane assuming a swollen velvety

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following are examples Mercurial ointment four scruples

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the general physical condition therefore the baby should be weighed

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urinary system is obtained as follows One part of a solution

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consult a doctor. Ordinarily women soon recover their health and

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effusions which escaped from him without remeditation

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John Hmiter s house where he assisted him in his scien

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Scarlatina miliaris Ger. Roihcln Rilteln Falsehcn Masern Fcuermasern rolhe Hund.

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walk. He was late in sitting up late in teething and late in

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of which many students residing with Medical men at some

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the Pacific Medical Journal the Occidental Medical Times the Los Angeles

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is left on purpose. that it may aid in liquefying the

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it was not continuous but recurrent and generally it was

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perature was reached he was allowed to sit up for a few

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wished during the treatment. He was poorly nourished not

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for three insertions. In two instances in which the

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in the Boston Lying in Hospital it seems to me that



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