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By all means "assist nature by stimulation," and in doing so in certain

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ment to resolve hyperplastic tissue ia qo1 so conspicuous,

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question, Dr. Huddleston inoculated bouillon and water

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31st, thirty-one infants nourished at the breast and two

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— AA/HAr^A-u^yA ^o.^y'f A>&*S~ A^- /A?? 'A A? ^ s ' ■?/*<>•■/*■<<:■ A ,i* -^

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tions. Nearly all arterial stenoses can be shown well, al-

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des membres inf<jrieurs. Clinique, Briix., 1892, vi, 695;

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direction as another ; consequently that deflection which is

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Flick. L. F.. (17) 468. (05) 1587 (;|bb J. 8.. (98) 1660

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variola. So far as I can learn there never has been an epidemic

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He describes an electrode of his own design easier of introduction

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On one occasion, having ordered a glass of water, it was presented to

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As already stated, Dieffenbach in 1826 used little wedges of

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Lastly, the interior of the eye, examined after complete

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gently passing a glass rod, moistened with sulphuric acid, over the pre-

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covered with fibrinous masses. No perforation or other cause

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Before I come to a closer examination of this evidence, I

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slowly and surely built up the poor-house system to its

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course of twenty years. In no instance was any permanent injury refera-

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the act. Verdiet, * Suicide white in an unsound mind, brought on by an

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will certainly be advisable to employ means to that end, espec-

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was impossible. As in this case, Valsalva's inflation was usually very

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led us to expect. And this warning was enforced by two

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become obsolete. He was satisfied that the use of a

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piles, etc., Sanford's Hamamelis. For spinal irritation, ironing the

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Maltine or any of its combinations must not be mentioned or

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toxin cases). Lennox Brown reports 14% in 100 cases. Sanne

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as was used in mesentery, and mass excised. Sac was then

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ralysis might suddenly ensue. The same caution in the use of

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that they are always due to a toxic cause I cannot help

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skin, small indurated caseous nodules became developed at the

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volve the canaliculi. The mucosa is swollen, the more decidedly near

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