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States Marine Hospital Service in the Custom House

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for the immediate treatment or disposal of the patient as the case

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teacher. The grand old man of medicine received the

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sick the dying or the dead chiefly the latter and when I look

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ritory must not only possess a degree from a reputable

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advantage that its addition to milk helps to prevent the curdling of caseine

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sidence in smallpox is generally regarded as an unfavourable symp

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But the professor indignantly declared he had never seen it

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shut. The muscles have become quite large and firm

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our flank attack they with the exception of two succeeded

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composition of the. tissue fluids. Extracellular enzymes are also very

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e. Milk Fever parturient paresis. The cow lies in a

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and cholangitis. The gallstones may be free in the gall bladder or the

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the mass wind the rubber cord firmly over them and round the neck

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ternal diseases by Carl Gerhard on poisoning by Oscar

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come to rely upon it as a valuable aid in the treat

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Physical examination jnelded abundant evidence in confir

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the case the calf is over size from water in the head

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and other vaso motor disturbances may be observed. The joints of the upper

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observed tingeiug the lumps of mucus in the sputum. There was a severe

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by no means common. However it is certain that the nervous condi

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its constituents as follows Its chemical nature and composi

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Dr. H. Scott Russell of Klerksdorp has for the third

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attended with fever vomiting and coftivenefs. The pain is often felt in different

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stage of the disease are now so generally admitted that it

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many individuals are attacked simultaneously as in the Hamburg outbreak

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first coald not believe in its efficacy have been complete

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the staphylococcus formed first on the surface of the mucous membrane

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ague prevailed during the rainy season in Bengal. The progress of the

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tion and in he was nominated for Vice President by the Free

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our incomes to the mere market value of our physical exertions per

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duced to take. Stimulants should be given well diluted

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active purgation and Uie antimonial and saline mixture



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