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his nose. Five months later complaints of purulent discharge from the

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taris medialis and lateralis metatarsese plsntares.

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paper. What is the public health importance of this disease in North

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of the fistula consisted in a simple suppurative osteiti.

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elatosus and recalls in this connection the clinical

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the following embrocation IJ. Olei terebinth Jss. tinctura

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metric weights gives figures which are somewhat low at

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NussBAUM is reported to have suggested oil of cloves to disguise the

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straw and musty hay and corn fed to animals with weak

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be removed is then isolated by clamps on either side

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and endocarditis but the occurrence of dyspnosa with more or less

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doses of tuberculin but this did not contraindicate the

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conium indicating clearly that they had as fetuses suf

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ten treatments the first two with the positive pole

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clinging to the knife and a similar tallow can be pressed out in

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longed to the stage of decadence. When there was ar

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dent that the femur had become dislocated upward on

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or the duration of the stage of incubation. The dis

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tissue the important observations of Kussmaul and Tenner

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sugar output of the liver. They indicate that when a sudden increase

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that the teaching offered and in consequence of this

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back pressing the fingers between the short ribs and the ilium the

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labour without any of those high adornments of power and

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when they may be easily corrected. The plan adopted

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iramnologiGali and cheroical methods of investiga on in order to elucidat

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and the salivary glands with saliva. Sugar was also found in the

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encore qui nous apprend cela et qui alia I y voir pour le

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